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Welcome to the magical world of the musician Ola Wielgomas

Today, we present to you an artist from our latest printed and  digital edition of OpenCall Magazine. Olga Wielgomas is a singer, who, through dreamy and imaginative visuals and spacey electronics, consciously crosses the boundaries between music and performance art.


Ola Wielgomas as ”Luna”

Her quaint artistic image, creative imagination, and magical veil surrounding her work come together as unity serving an interesting, musical mixture, making her one of the most promising personalities of the young polish scene.

Her previous stage and theatrical experience as well as her extraordinary sensitivityunleash her artistic potential, allowing her to consciously create herself.

In 2020 she is reborn as Luna, a persona closest to herself, who through cosmic electro merged with her velvety voice is taking an audience on the musical journey.

The single "Luna", prepared in cooperation with Michał Fox Król, announces the arrival of a completely new chapter …

Listen to her new track ”Luna” below.

‘’Luna is my alter ego, a persona remarkably close to myself. The song is a story, full of secrets and magic, about rebirth and coming out of the darkness. It is an introspective journey into a self-discovery, fuelled by the desire to find the one, true self. The track reflects our strong relationship with the Universe and our metaphysical surroundings. It is a ray of the light in the dark; it’s a coming of new, cosmic energy, which each one of us needs, especially in the difficult, unstable times that we are currently going through.’’ – Ola Wielgomas


Ola Wielgomas as ”Luna”

Music: Michał FOX Król, Ola Wielgomas 
Keywords: Ola Wielgomas 
Production: Michał FOX Król 
Mix / mastering: Rafał Smoleń
Production house: Papaya Films
Directed by: Magda Zielińska
Pictures: Mateusz Kanownik
Choreographer: Adam Beta, Magda Zielińska
Photographer: Paula Patocka

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