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We all just wanna be better

Slim & The Beast are an indie-pop trio inspired by the harmonic vocals of the Beatles, America or Bee Gees. A few days ago they released their third single Better from the forthcoming yet unnamed EP that will be a disco, funk and soul piece all about breaking out. From exploring the possibility of life in distant galaxies in Better to peering through a window to see into a lover’s world in Her Room, the songs on Slim & TheBeast’s third EP transform nostalgia into the hope of possibility, a recognition that even in this brave new masked world, song and dance can still bring us together. Combining the songwriting style and harmony-rich sounds of the 1960s and 1970s with modern production inspired by Tame Impala, Parcels, and Andy Shauf, the songs of EP 3 orbit Slim & The Beast’s love for all music without ever losing sight of the harmonic core that defines their essence.

“It’s been a strange year, hasn’t it? There have been many days and nights we’ve looked out windows, scrolled through old pictures, FaceTimed, and zoomed our nights away..waiting for things to feel “Better”. The song captures a longing for our world to change for the better, and in the meantime..let’s fly away to find a new planet.”