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Vulnerable new release from PELA

Brighton duo PELA shares their stunning latest single ‘Tell Me’. Marking their much-awaited return to the musical fold for the first time since a run of superb self-released singles throughout 2020, ‘Tell Me’ is the first tranquil step into a new cohesive structure and direction for this wholly authentic outfit. 

Listening to ‘Tell Me’ we instantly think – Caroline Polachek. It’s like listening to an alive musical painting that reveals more and more layers with time. The song brings a lot of simplicity mixed with smart musical elements that make it unique and interesting till the very end. 

Tell Me is about learning to interrupt the spirals we find ourselves in and how to navigate unhelpful thoughts. It was the first track we wrote after moving to Brighton and embodies the sense of a fresh start.  – PELA reveals.

It’s a powerful, fresh outlook indeed.

The track is a bit of a juxtaposition – sonically it’s uplifting yet lyrically it’s about being in the throes of anxiety. – the duo says, speaking more on the contrasting emotions of the new single.