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Undiscovered diamond – Max Hima

Hey can anyone discover this guy and make him famous?

Max Hima is the first Polish artist we saw on Submithub , the platform we work with where you can upload your music to get noticed by us. Since OpenCall Magazine has its roots in Poland, it surprised us that despite a good knowledge of the domestic music market, we had not heard of Max Hima YET. It’s a pity that despite his great talent, Hima is still an undiscovered talent in our native Poland. His music is a mix of: Electro Pop, Synth pop, Alt Pop, which puts him on the same shelf with other Polish artists – Artur Rojek. However, Max Hima’s approach to  experimental pop music, based partially on mechanic piano riffs locates him rather on “original and not labelled” drawer. 

What about lyrics you may ask. Well.  Max Hima composes in Polish and the lyrics…. are simply poetry.

It’s a diamond waiting to be discovered.