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Ultra_EKO sharing his exquisite rap with the world


We love music that carries an important message and if it has the power to make you dance at the same time we’re sold. Ultra_eko might be one of the most diverse rappers coming out of the UK and with his recent release ‘Beginning Of The End’ he takes on a more high octane track, rapping his way over the existential and psychological battles many face in life. On the hook, Ultra_EKO shows his ability to both harmonize his vocals and drop meaningful content to keep the listener engaged as he provides an interval between chapters.  

Ultra_EKO resides in the South London town of Croydon, though often time travels to medieval lunatic asylums, where he feels more able to express himself. Inspiration for his music is drawn from long walks up and down the various multi-storey car parks found within the town. Not forgetting strolls across the majestic Croydon ‘flyover’, a muse to poets and suicidal individuals in equal measure.