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Tokio Hotel is back!

Remember how long ago German rock boysband became a worldwide phenomenon?

Can you recognise the four boys dressed in all black with funny hair, earrings and all that typical rock star insignia? These boys conquer the hearts of all teenagers around the world. Even though they were singing in g e r m a n  (!) They called them Tokio Hotel.

Now forget absolutely everything you remember and what I described above because… they’re back! But you’ll never believe the music they make now. Please just wipe your memory for a while, because… they new song it’s good!

To be honest, it feels weird listening to their new release, which is called “When We Were Younger” (hehe). The song has happy melodies, with modern beat and cheerful lyrics. Feels odd having still in mind Bill, the vocalist, in a black mohawk singing (or rather screaming) all those German songs.

It’s time to confess, when Tokio Hotel had it’s peak time, seventeen years ago (wow, time flies!!!) Tokio Hotel stole my heart. Together with my fellow crazy girlfriends we were totally obsessed with Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav . I can’t say that the new Tokio Hotel touched my heart that much, but it’s definitely a nice song and a good music album for modern days. A bit commercial, but still nice.

Once again, Tokio Hotel did something phenomenal. The transition is surprising good!