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Time to let go of toxicity in life


Amm, an independent singer-songwriter and producer based in San Diego, releases her new single Out of Control, bringing positive vibes with the instrumental layer and her sweet vocal. She wrote this song with her sister over the phone and internet. They got inspired after realising that they are close friends with a narcissist and it’s time to let go of toxicity they don’t need in their lives. 

“The verses in the song take an observational stance on the relationship and attempt to reevaluate and confront it for the toxic thing that it is. The chorus’s main idea is that this person we were friends with is spinning out of control because they feel exposed and no longer have control over the relationship and can no longer manipulate it as they did before. In a way, it’s less about the bitterness of the horrible things someone can do to you, and more about the peaceful letting go of someone else’s toxic behavior, setting boundaries because that’s the only thing you can do, and then wishing the best for that person, despite their reaction.” – Amm Shares.