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TIK TOK viral hit by Maude Latour

The New Yorker grew up around the world, from Sweden to London to Hong Kong, and ended up settling in the city which she now calls home. Maude Latour spent a lot of time growing and learning from the city which has influenced her music in a unique way. “This city is what taught me independence, expression, creativity,” she shares. “It’s where I first truly stepped into myself. Since I was 13, this city has been my playground, and that has completely shaped who I am. I grew up fast and I grew up creating my own world with the paintbrushes and magic this city provides. I know it better than I know myself.”

The 21-year-old shares her messages of radical honesty and vulnerability with the masses, and “Walk Backwards” is her newest confessional.

“This song specifically tackles the blurry line between love and romance that has always entered my relationships with my best friends,” Maude shares. “We place such a strict structure on our relationships, trying to put them into boxes. Love is fluid, liberated, it comes in friendship, strangers we smile at, romance, family, and little conversations throughout our days. Unpacking the rigidity of these structures leads to freedom in all types of love, allowing us to recognize it everywhere. ‘Walk Backwards’ is about the depths of my best friendship. It’s the closest relationship I’ve ever had, it’s made everyone I’ve ever dated jealous and confused about its meaning. This girl is my ride or die, I’d marry her, and she’s connected to me in the deepest way any person can be.”

“The chorus to ‘Walk Backwards’ is about THAT feeling, of true utter summer sunset perfection, where I’ve drawn so much of my inspiration. It’s about watching the sunset on the West Side, but since I have to walk East, I have to walk backwards all the way home in order to watch the sun slip into the clouds. I love this image. I first thought of it whilst literally walking backwards doing exactly this, on my own during a very emotional adventure I was on, by myself in California.”

The danceable confessional is Latour’s specialty – pouring out her heart and most vulnerable thoughts for the world to hear and pairing it with hypnotic and oh-so-catchy production. With 3 singles under her belt so far, “Furniture,” “One More Weekend,” and “Block Your Number,” “Walk Backwards” is the fourth and last single to be released ahead of Maude’s forthcoming EP, due out later this year.