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TIK TOK rising star Michal Leah releases her third single Delusion

Michal Leah, 17 years old singer from Boston has a voice you won’t forget

It’s hard to believe that this mature, deep timbre belongs to such a young person. Delusion is Leah’s third official release and it depicts the trouble with idealizing people we surround ourselves with.

“Delusion is about putting on a brave face, but struggling in silence. It’s the inner battle you have within your mind: you want someone to be perfect and you convince yourself that they are because you can’t allow yourself to think that maybe they just aren’t that perfect. We all go through it, talk highly about them to our friends even though you have countless thoughts running through the back of your head trying to tell you that this person isn’t as great as you think they are. This is what went on in my head at the time of writing delusion. What you thought was so exciting was nothing to them. You feel cheated and disappointed, so of course, I needed to put the words into a song”.