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Thumping groover by Scott Fisher


Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Scott Fisher follows up his debut track with the second release ‘Victor or the Vanquished’ from his forthcoming album 93 Million Miles, out October 26th via 1 A.M. Music. ‘Victor or the Vanquished’ is a catchy, thumping groover with an addictive bassline. 

Speaking on the song, Fisher writes 

This is probably the most modern-sounding track on the record. It’s a groove-driven, staccato indie-rock track with themes revolving around greed and hypocrisy within modern capitalism. The synths and strings from the original Mellotron add eerie layers and textures. The mix pushes the harmonic distortions and the overall compression creating a more layered and effect-driven sound.

93 Million Miles features 6 original songs and three covers. The release is a hybrid of old and new, bringing Fisher’s sound – along with his vintage organs, consoles, and guitars – into the 2020s with a fresh mixing approach and arrangement. Born of the pandemic, these new songs focus on themes of isolation, loss, longing, and ultimately, hope, as we search for beauty and meaning in this strange world.