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thea wang charms with delicacy in her debut single ‘Tell Me About It’


‘Tell Me About It’, a debut single by thea wang – Norwegian singer-songwriter tells a story about loneliness and love. Thea beautifully reflects the topic with layered, soothing vocalises accompanied by delicate guitar riffs taking listeners into meditative state. 

Compiling a collection of heart-on-sleeve dream-pop tracks for her debut album later this summer, thea’s songwriting consists of intensely personal stories around the themes of ageing and belonging. Complete with calming instrumentals and a wistfully layered vocal performance reminiscent of Joni Mitchell or Regina Spektor, electronics and samples help modernize the sound above traditional acoustic pop.

Talking about the new song, thea says: 

‘Tell Me About It’ is about growing up and letting go. It is about those times when you’re not sure of who you are anymore, and you need someone or something to help you remember. It’s about becoming, belonging, and about looking back and forward at the same time. Sometimes it is a place you have to go to, and sometimes it’s talking to someone that knows you well. Carrying all the “ages” you’ve been inside.