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Songs you can’t miss this month

Every month we present you the hottest tracks that we find on the internet. It’s no different in October. These artists are the ones to watch so grab your headphones, a warm drink and prepare for a dose of good music.

Platon brings us a bit of a sun this month with his single Stimulation of a Silvertongue

This songs talks about my struggling with time and consistency in my personal relationships. After some crucial point in my life, I felt like pushing away everyone and getting pleasure only from sexual experiences.

‘Love and Emotion’ is about that moment where romance is just starting. Catching the eye of someone in a club or that feeling where a new friendship starts to spark and move to be a little more. It’s a retro influenced love song that feels like Harry Styles and Rhye made a little pop baby and Zerbin was the surrogate.  

Hull sextet Low Hummer perfectly showcase their effortlessly cool yet jittery brand of post-punk on latest single Panic Calls. The song references the futility of mental health support by imitating generic, automated answer machines of crisis lines.


Glam-Rock duo STRAINJER Releases Dazzling & Entertaining Music Video to Debut Single, ‘Cherry’s Bent

Bedroom-pop producer Sfven reveals irresistibly catchy alt-pop anthem little things’ – a heart-warming reminder to “dance round the kitchen and shoot the breeze” with someone you love. 

East Harbor – an infectious Alternative-Pop band is releasing their debut EP titled ‘The Community’ in 2 days. ‘Lucid’ the title track promotes the upcoming release.

Another focus record on Caye’s forthcoming album ‘We Love’. Milford Sound in New Zealand has long been his #1 dream destination and that’s what this song is: a dream, an ideal.

‘Lilee’ is the third single off of 18 y/o Northern California-native morgen’s upcoming sophomore EP, releasing in December via Avoca Drive/Sony. Writing this song helped morgen work through the struggle of loving someone who could never love her back, and she hopes it provides the same comfort to those who listen.

Jet Vesper  brings the perfect mix to soften and lighten modern hearts with his latest drop ‘Slide Don’t Make a Cruise’. He’s. music is like travelling back in time to 1973 on top of the hills of L.A

Incorporating prog-rock precision and psychedelic modulations, SOMNIUM have cast another spell on the Australian psych scene with their recent singles – ‘Isolation Island’.

The Natural Lines released a song called ‘Spontaneous Skylights 2’ about being out of sync with yourself. The song is accompanied by the video done using experimental animation methodology.

23 year old Korean-American artist min.a has been on a path to redefine pop music in her own image. Today she’ll take you on a trip through her dreamy sounds in the new single ‘company’.

Tutankhamun shares a new track from his debut EP planned for later this year. ‘Big Foot’ is a song about feeling out of control and the abandonment that comes with that.

‘liminal spaces’, the debut album from Los Angeles-based queer guitarist and songwriter zzzahara, is out now via Lex Records. A new track, ‘coldish’ promotes an album.