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The Shadowboxers

From their start as a backing band for the Indigo Girls to most recently working and touring alongside mentor Justin Timberlake, the trio of Scott Tyler, Matt Lipkins and Adam Hoffman have continuously captivated audiences across the globe with their distinctive flair. Bridging the gap between classic, harmony-driven melodies and contemporary pop-R&B rhythms, The Shadowboxers now take the reins as songwriters and producers.

On the 6th of May, the band released their next single Melody. Chilled, contemporary soul, Jungle alike piece and we have to say that we really like the musical path The Shadowboxers trod for themselves. 

Melody is a prayer to the healing power of music – the comfort and kinship that song and melody bring to our lives. This track was written in the depths of the loneliness of quarantine and it became a kind of meditation for us. – the band explains.

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