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The hottest pre-autumn drops

We’re in the middle of September, Autumn is just around the corner. It’s time to bring some new pieces that will prepare us for a new season!

Paul Whitacre caresses ears with his latest release ‘Georgia’

On their new single ‘Lovers on the Run’ The Plastic Cherries give a first glimpse at what to expect next from the group, emphasizing their 70’s pop/rock ethos and the live energy of the band.

Dilettante features Monster’ the sounds of a bruised romantic soaring on a Pulp and shoegaze-inspired synth and guitar-led track which reimagines harsh words said to an ex.

‘The Seasons’ from the Helsinki-based group Aves featuring the vocals of Conal Kelly is an instant summer synth-pop-dance classic. Ready to set the scene for that sunshine-dripped road trip, hand out the window, chill by the pool, party by the water.

“Are you better off alone, or do you need a ride?” asks Paul Cook on ‘Leave Love Behind’ – the unexpected outcome of a sun-soaked day spent with old friends and a blank canvas. With shades of Tom Petty and early R.E.M., the song carries the fractured optimism of the day it was written on.

Hooky, weird, and borderline manic, I set out to make my own version of ‘Creep’ (Radiohead) or ‘Loser’ (Beck), but instead of being self-deprecating, I wanted to create something colourful and peculiar that celebrates being a loner. – shares dwi.

Halifax indie pop artist Ellur channels Sharron Van Etten and Wolf Alice on enchantingly atmospheric ‘Best Face On’ in which an older, wiser Ellur consoles her younger self on staying out late one too many times and coming to terms with adulthood.

‘Better For Whatever Reason’ maintains Rilo Wye’s unique sound, combining his introspective lyricism and dreamy instrumentals with a richness reminiscent of 70s-era studio production.

Xico’s sound is hard to pinpoint because it shifts from album to album, track to track. At his core, he is a singer/songwriter intent on sharing his stories. These stories each come to life in their own unique way, flavored by his broad and diverse list of influencers.

Trevor Forrest in his new single ‘What else It Means’ sings about memory and love, the way that our deepest feelings often are triggered by the simplest things.