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The Donnies The Amys released a single that will make you stop

The Blood’ will instantly make you feel everything and nothing at the same time. It takes you to another dimension and makes you think deeply. A single comes from the latest EP  ‘Wilder Fire’  released by Los Angeles based indie-pop duo The Donnies The Amys

If you haven’t planned to cry today be careful, this song can take you back to the darkest and deepest moments of your life or can even make you feel compassionate towards others! How much we need music like this to stop and actually feel something.

The Donnies The Amys’s new EP is inspired by a singular but ill-defined feeling: fear of climate change. It was written and recorded both before and during the quarantine, but the feelings of isolation, impending doom, and warped reality were already driving the songwriting. There is a slow-moving anxiety under all five tracks.