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That’s a wrap! The last songs of 2022

That’s it. 2022 is finished. For this occasion we are honoured to present you the last songs that are closing 2022.

Final 2022 playlist by OpenCall Magazine


The band is led by as they describe: “powerhouse singer / songwriter / guitarist, Jackie Popovec, who some compare to Amy Winehouse”. We couldn’t not agree that power of Jackie undeniable. You feel it in the first few seconds of their new song “Bugs”.

Metaphorically “Bugs” is about the things that keep Popovec awake at night, but the video, which was directed by Pete Campbell and filmed at a private home in Canfield, OH, was inspired by her real-life experience of finding 10,000 yellow jackets behind the walls in the ceiling of her bedroom. Says Popovec, “we took this literal story and made a sort of inception-like dream within a dream music video where I fall asleep and wake up to insects (The Vindys band members) disturbing me. The video follows a spiraling wonderland into several scenes before waking up and realizing it was all a dream.”  

The Vindys: Jackie Popovec – Vocals/Guitar, John Anthony – Guitar/Background Vocals, Rick Deak – Guitar/Background Vocals

SORRY, PEACH – goodbye, california

Sorry, Peach is a girlsband who as their wrote on their insta: “we write sad songs but we rlly just goofy”. Indeed, their new release “goodbye, california” is a lyrical, melancholic ode to California – a place where some strong memories, feelings, experiences happened and will stay forever.


KITSCHES  – attic

While a nameless protagonist faces her mysterious doppelgänger in an empty no-man’s-land, Mathea Pittelkow and Moritz Holstein perform in a seemingly endless room in which their presence seems even more inviting. KITSCHES find a new sound in the attic – and come into their own in the process.

kitsches have the uncanny ability to invite their listeners to dance just as much as to reflect. The new single by the Paderborn duo ‘attic’ sounds like a meditation guided by a drum groove to which not even the most relaxed yogis could not sit still.

Within the first opening settings the song unfolds its own kind of gravity that pulls you in into the band’s world of sound: tried and true indie instrumentation form a bond with comfortably spherical vocals, altogether alienated by hypnotic echo and reverb effects.

LOSTBOYCROW – Coffee Drugs

Maybe is the coffee drugs kicking in? – sings Chris Blair aka Lostboycrow. I think is Chris who does this effect because the song is hypnotising me like a drug. 

Chris Blair really wanted to created a band so he tapped producer Chris Chu and now we can listen Lostboycrow for hours. Thank you guys! Together, they honed a distinctly power-pop sound, which led Blair to ultimately call the project Indie Pop: a nebulous, purposefully tongue-in-cheek name that reflects Blair’s lighthearted nature and self-awareness.

ARI ABDUL – Babydoll

Ari is a fallen angel. We have a weakness for strong female characters so Ari couldn’t not appear in this playlist. On her devilish EP you can hear pieces like “Hellgirl”, Fallen Angel” or “Babydoll”.

Growing up in Catholic School, she became enamored with the story of Lucifer and the “fallen angel” narrative. Ari and her best friend/ producer Thomas LaRosa worked to create a world behind the EP inspired by “loss of innocence and connection with one’s self into a distorted, wicked version.”

MDWS – Up & Coming

Callum Meadows aka MDWS (pronounced “Meadows”) with his new release presents us a full package –  not only “Up & Coming” is a great song with a metaphors on point but also with very very good video. 

Callum Meadows pairs sultry and haunting vocals with lush soundscapes to create hypnotic and soulful electronica as MDWS

Talking about the current climate of the world and the submersion into a digital world where 1’s and 0’s matter more than the surrounding world. MDWS describes himself with someone who falls prey to the lure of digital fame, struggling with own his feelings about the medium.

ISLANDIS – ‘Lost & Found’

Islandis come back like a phoenix from the ashes. Literally. The band faced bushfire disaster in Australia that took the duo’s home studio followed closely by a pandemic before losing a hard drive containing the bands past 5 years of recorded works. 

It looks like Islandis “Lost & Found”. Literally. Again. Australian Indie pop duo takes you down infectiously groove based journey from producer/instrumentalist James Chave-Dubois blending glistening synthesizer’s with dreamy guitars and luscious percussion whilst Ben McInerney’s upfront vocal stylings and infectious melodies take us on a hook laced journey from start to finish about finishing yourself by ending toxic friendships.