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Ten Bulls hypnotises with ‘Aghori’


Ten Bulls, a 4-piece indie band from California make listening to music a hella pleasant experience. Their latest single ‘Aghori’ hypnotises and makes us feel comfy with soft, dreamy synths and “The Cure” like Guitar riffs. Ten Bulls manages to mesh driving, polyrhythmic drum patterns with anomalous time signatures, prog-ish song structures, and the occasional pop melody. The influences that shine through, some have noted, are Psychedelic, Electronic, New Wave, No Wave, and Indie (whatever Indie means).

We originally wrote the song Aghori back in 2017 while we were performing under a different name. During the pandemic, and associated lockdowns, we reimagined, reinvented, and rewrote the tune to better fit Ten Bulls’ sound. Much of the song was written by emailing bits and pieces of the track to each other. Eventually, the tune took shape, and we started hashing it out in the studio together once it was safe to do so.