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Team Play announces their debut album ‘Wishes and Desires’


Team Play, a Finnish duo shares their second single ‘Sunrise’ bringing gothic romantic vibes to the table. If you love Nick Cave, Nancy Sinatra or Lee Hazlewood there is a huge possibility you will love the song from the first seconds. Team Play mix harmonic vocal lines with the accompaniment of delicate piano, horns and cinematic synths. 

Sunrise is an intense ride from the hour of the wolf till dawn. With the perseverent beat of the drums by Markus Joensuu the song works like a conjuration to bring the lover from a dream to reality. With the help of the sound wizard Matti Ahopelto we wanted to bring our band’s sound to its deepest and roundest. The rumbling beat, the velvety vocals and the incantation of the organs and synths provide the perfect environment for the nightly visions to come true. Meet you at the sunrise.