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Taylor Bini about feeling lost in the adult world


Taylor Bini is an indie artist based in Austin that writes all of own her music in her bedroom. A natural-born stage-fright, she got over singing in front of people by joining a Queen tribute band based in south Texas when she was 19. She has been a vocalist with the group for three years. She’s bad at normal words but when she puts them in songs she thinks they come out better.

Her previous release ‘Time (Can’t Help It)’ is a touching piece about growing up, time skipping away and powerlessness over life moving on. In the song, Taylor expresses how much she doesn’t feel like a grown-up when her brain tells her one thing and the mirror something completely opposite. 

Where did all of the time go?
Tell me so I know just who’s hiding it
Damn I feel like a kid who grew a little bit
now the world’s hanging over my head
The mirror isn’t very kind but
Then again now, neither am I