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Tarek Musa announces his debut solo album

Songwriter, producer and frontman of a four-piece English garage rock band Spring King, Tarek Musa starts his solo journey under the name of Dead Nature. Tarek’s new single Hurricane heralds his forthcoming debut album Watch Me Break Apart planned for June 25. Hurricane follows last month’s track Red Clouds, which drew support from BBC Radio 1. 

Hurricane is another bright and colourful indie-pop earworm from Tarek, and it doesn’t let up. It’s perhaps the most tongue-in-cheek song about the climate crisis you’re likely to hear, as it takes the issue to its bleakest conclusion, with Tarek singing “I don’t want to fight a nuclear war” over a host of raging synths and fuzzed-up guitars. 

Tarek shares about the track:

“I’ve never been good at being overtly political, I don’t feel smart enough with words to express myself to the level some do, but the song for me was a nudge in that direction. It was a bit of a homage to “Whole Wide World” by Wreckless Eric, with its very brittle and simple guitar intro. It’s a little naïve in its delivery at times, tongue in cheek like the B52’s and full of energy with the edge of a late 70’s Clash song. Like a train picking up speed, I wanted to keep up the momentum of the message to the song and didn’t want many moments of respite.”