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Swedish indie-emo kids release a new single

Swedish indie-emo kids Tribe Friday return with the riff-stuffed breakneck romp ‘conversation’. Astride insistent guitars and machine-gun hi-hats, singer Noah Deutschmann agonizes over a conversation that just needs to take place. 

“Lyrically, ‘conversation’ is angry, desperate, frustrated, scared – all the ugly emotions at once. I wanted to write about those moments in a relationship where you can’t see eye to eye on anything so you resort to name-calling and borderline psychological violence. I’ve had a relationship that ended up like that and it’s fucking ugly. It’s a sad thing to see yourself and someone you love turn into horrible people in real-time. The contrast here, of course, is that ‘conversation’ is also like… a dance track? But I guess that’s our thing now…Dancing to tragedies.”

‘conversation’ follows the release of ‘forward is the way out’, the leadoff single from the group’s upcoming debut full-length bubblegum emo.