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Sons of Venus touch on the topic of blood for dollars in their new release ‘Living in Blood’

‘Living in Blood’, the latest single by Sons of Venus , is the third track of the “Crisis to Crisis” album released on June 9th, 2023. The song is a direct response to the industrial military complex, blood for dollars, as the images of global atrocities fill the spaces of the shifting letters, calling out the government agencies, profiting from the misery. The video images syncopate with the rhythms and accents within the music. The sheer amount of these agencies revealed in the video alone should be enough to wake up the lambs being led to the slaughter.

The video concept for Living in Blood came to band member John Sully the same moment he imagined what the album cover would be.


Since it was our third album, and we’re a three piece band, I started to think about triptics and that made me think of the acronym SOV. From there I started to imagine the three letters containing data and images and in conversation with other acronyms.