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Songs that will brighten up your November!

It’s cold. We can say that honestly. October spoiled us with its Spring weather but November doesn’t care about us at all. The days are shorter, and winter depression is just around the corner. Who doesn’t need some good music to cheer them up?

Liverpool’s rising star Tonia reveals new single ‘Afloat’ ahead of the release of her debut EP, out 20 January 2023. Building upon Tonia’s distinctive sound, the singer has an adept skill for diary-style, heartfelt storytelling. Her music is honest, intimate, and revealing, inviting the listener into her most personal moments.

Queer alt-rock Brighton duo ARXX have dropped their latest single The Last Time today via Submarine Cat Records, along with the announcement of their debut album Ride Or Die, set for release in March 2023.

On the song, ARXX say, 

The Last Time is a candid insight into heartbreak and letting go.  It’s a track that encompasses sadness but also a lot of joyfulness.  It was so freeing writing in a way that was so autobiographical, which felt really appropriate for the song.  We tried to make the music feel euphoric, to mirror the feeling of release when you’re finally able to let go and move on.

Amsterdam-based Indie / Alternative – quartet LOUPE releases ‘Lonely Dance’, the first single taken from their upcoming debut album.

‘Lonely Dance’ is about building up your life, finding your own path and dealing with the image that comes with that. Up to a certain age, there used to be a common goal, but at some point, you have to figure it out on your own which can be empowering but also lonely at times.

Ellie Moon reveals her explosively catchy new EP ‘Bad TV’ on November 18th. The collection includes the previously released singles ‘Don’t Date Me’ and ‘Internet Love’ as well as two brand-new songs. The Liverpool-born and Madrid-raised artist packs in more wry, irreverent lyrics with a focus on the everyday and the mundane.

‘Forget This’ a new single by omri s a eulogy for a relationship that is still alive.

It was really hard for me to create it but I hope it resonates with others who felt that the other person left the relationship but stayed in it. 

The story of WILD takes place in Los Angeles, CA. As such, the sprawling metropolis impacts, influences, and inspires the trio’s cinematic translation of folk, indie, and alternative. They’re recent single ‘Feelin’ Good’ will literally make you feel good!

‘See Me Like This’ recent single by Sister Jack is about rough mental health stuff that was going in his life. It captures the despair an artist was feeling, and how strongly he wanted to be able to deal with things on his own but still wanting some help deep down.

‘You Do Something’ by Tom Lockett is a kaleidoscopic concoction of sounds and influences, an experimental number which features jazzy chord progressions, Beach Boys style backing vocals, slide guitars, and even a typewriter. The trippy sixties psych inspired track is accompanied with an even trippier video.

Elison’s, ‘Fruit Flies’ dives into how self destructive romanticizing your younger years can be on your present self. Elison explains:

When I started playing music during the pandemic, after decades of wishing I was brave enough to try, I found myself revisiting the girl that ignited the dream in the first place, my sixteen-year-old self. Through that process I started questioning the actual growth I previously thought I had achieved.

‘A Days Wait’ is about how often in a relationship one person is up and one person is down. You try to pull each other up and optimistically find those blissful moments where everything clicks. 

‘Trouble’ by The Lost Hours encapsulates the burning desire that keeps you awake each night. It’s a chaotic message in a bottle scribbled down frantically at breakneck speed.

‘LAB’ is the promo track from Bulgarian Cartrader’s debut album is called ‘Motor Songs’ and is the result of countless days and nights in the studio, the product of tons of notes – transcribed in a weekly routine from cell phone lists: sometimes a word, a maximum of one sentence, compiled melodies, Trigger words, a lot of gut feelings and memories.

‘The River’ is a euphoric tribute to adolescent joys, soaked in nostalgia and buoyant melodies. Red Rum Club captures the hills and valleys of memory, beginning the track as an easygoing sun-lit reflection, carried by breezy acoustics and ringing slide guitar.

In his new single ‘Tell Me What You Dream About’ Hazzlett features hypnotic guitar work and irresistible melodies fit for a road trip. The song dares us to see things from a different perspective. Hazzlett shares about the song:

I think you need to step out of your own self to see things clearly sometimes. Life becomes pretty heavy when you can’t brush by a little inconvenience or the fear of failing.  So, I tried to picture what my future self would be telling me if we were friends. Waiting for me, cheering me on and reminding me of everything I’ve done so far. I think we forget that we need to encourage ourselves from time to time.

Indie rocker Sam Himself, makes the case for a new nickname with ‘Mr Rocknroll’ the third single leading up to his sophomore LP ‘Never Let Me Go  (due January 27 via Sony Music / Taxi Gauche Records). 

Emerging from years of feeling constricted in music, Elora seeks to confront emotions with a sense of freedom and playfulness. The soundscapes of leaping folk-inspired melodies and distorted electronic echoes make for something representative of the exciting individuality that technology brings to today’s music. 

‘Sunny Side Up’ is a laid back Psychedelic Pop, R’n’B vibe-y song, it mirrors an individual in the current society with a glimpse in our certain given future.

Dark Dazey is an independent, LA-based psych-rock band with a flare for genre bending.  Their latest piece ‘Chameleon’ will definitely make you dance with your blanket and a cup of tea!

Eva Rose Brooklyn-based a rising female Alt-Pop artistis is seamlessly melding indie pop whimsy and melancholic lyricism bringing a modern and refreshing shimmer to nostalgic Y2K-era Alt-Rock.

‘Every Bit as Good as Gold’ is an alternative fiction film by SJU, set in a small run down Chinese restaurant, shot in India. The scenarios are metaphors for how the media brainwashes us into the pursuit of meaningless endings, eventually rendering us numb.

Our interpretation of the song lyrics ‘every bit as good as gold’ was in the direction of seeing through the transactional lens of validation and the inherent need for love which has been used endlessly by power structures. 

Born and raised in southern California, Jake Hays released a banger ‘All I’ve got to Say’ that will take you into the Arctic Monkeys’ music world simultanousely showcasing Jake’s artistic originality.