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Sistershood ain’t easy

Today we say Hello Sisters!

To the ones who have creates amazing new track „Things You Never Said

Things you never said brushes on the harsh truth of toxic friendships. It can be so hard when the ones u love so much are the same ones who end up stabbing you in the back. Writing this song was definitely a journey, with the first step being acceptance and denial. Was I just seeing things, or was my friend actually intentionally doing these things to hurt me? The second stage: why? What have I done wrong to ever be treated this way? And by someone I care about? And then stage 3: plan of action, do I speak up? (something I never ended up doing… which is why we have a song about it, LOL). I was completely aware of what she was doing to me, but at the same time, I just couldn’t picture myself ruining a friendship that mattered sm to me. Plus, it was hard to stand up to her, because what could even be said? I had no proof, because everyone around me wasn’t seeing this same version of her. I guess all I could come up with was “I know all the things you never said” if ur ever going through this same kinda crazy, ur not alone and give our song a listen

Sisterhood is not easy, being a girl neither. We should support each other and definately share this amazing song!