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SIGNE DØ takes us to another world

Nordic electro-pop artist SIGNE DØ literally hypnotized us with her latest dark and gloomy release Frail. It’s an artist second single following her dreamy debut Evaporate

Her magnetic expression draws you into her chilly yet alluring orbit, as she combines crystal clear vocals and euphonic tones with heavier electronic components. Frail reflects on the attraction for the unknown and portrays the frailtyand chaos connected to stepping out of the comfortable and familiar. Frail is the second out of three singles to be released prior to her upcoming EP in May – Ways of Escaping

“The song was written at a time when I forgot what I had. It does not conclude, but reminds you that when leaving what you love, you also leave a part of yourself behind.” 

No doubt SIGNE DØ brings real magic to the world with her music.