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Shaping marble cover editorial by Hanna Kantor

Italy. A ravishing landscape. Mountains of marble. Thirty five degrees Celsius. One day. Seventeen hours of work. A top model from London. The winner of Britain’s Next Top Model. And us – OpenCall Magazine. This is how the story photographed by Hanna Kantor goes.

Skirt and Shirt: Alberto Zambelli

In this brief abstract, however, a few wildly important pieces are missing. The image of the photo shoot, which is a kind of a prelude to the project of the magazine, does not capture the essence of its creation. Hashtags say nothing about our faith and our will to change the reality that Polish artists face. Hashtags bare neither the ambition, nor the emotions that accompany you while creating something new. But, most of all, they are unable to convey the involvement and the work of the editorial staff when a new magazine is being created. In the thirty-five-degree Italian heat, deflected by the massive panels of marble, we were being torn by emotions that took control over our lives for the following seven months. It was a time of hard work on the shape of the magazine, which later proved to have been as difficult to carve in as marble.


Shirt: Rococo, Skirt: Dolce&Gabbana



It is not easy to create a debut magazine. It is not easy to be a young artist or to create in Poland. It is in no way easy to be an artist. Thus, OpenCall Magazine was founded on a revolutionary thought – let’s change that!


Trausers and shoes: Zara 


I would like to invite you on a journey around the world seen through the eyes of creators, as well as artist creating in Poland. It will be a journey through Finland, Great Britain, Poland, Italy, Chile, Sri Lanka, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and many other countries. However, what matters most are not the places, since art knows no boundaries or borders – it keeps crossing them!

Hanna Kantor

Founder of OpenCall Magazine
 Shirt and trousers: Alberto Zambelli

Shaping marble editorial comes from the first print issue of OpenCall Magazine:

photography: Hanna Kantor

Model: Lauren Lambert / No Logo Milan

style: Justyna S molarczyk

make up: Magdalena Olek