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Seductive shot of decadence & denial by Sahara Beck


Sahara Beck, Australian singer-songwriter serves us a glass of sparkly pop and gleaming synth with her new single Kryptonite’. It’s a song about running from reality rather than facing it and diving into the vices we all know and wrestle with.

“Got no money but I’m spending it, I keep smoking but I gotta quit, I got no willpower, I’m nothing but a coward”  Sahara declares early in the song.

I realised I was doing a lot of bad things to avoid feeling and processing what I was going through at the time. Instead, I was always dancing, always smiling, trying to make other people feel good. I didn’t want to take anything seriously because that means dealing with it. Then you soon realise you’re falling in love with the things that are slowly killing you. – Sahara reveals.

It’s a powerful message for a pop song and one that you can easily miss on the first listen – after all, ‘Kryptonite’ sounds so damn joyous and vibrant and fun. Sahara’s has a gift of spinning sadness into bliss and weakness into wonder.