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Secrets by Apteekii

British progressive rock trio Apteekii released their second single Secrets. And oh Lord this song is a wild journey into the unknown. No surprise it landed on BBC introducing Pick Of 2021. It gives us chills, especially the outro. As soon as we heard Secrets we had this quick come back to 2009 and Chop Suey! By System Of A Down.

Apteekii comes from the Finnish word for Pharmacy as a metaphor for music being a medicine. The band was formed in summer 2020, and the entire EP was completed remotely, without ever being all in a room together. 

Secrets is about the idea of living a lie, and the moment it all becomes too much to keep in. Musically it stems from a riff written when the trio first approached the idea of becoming a band 5 years ago, a project that was long forgotten until 2020 lockdown.