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Sea Glass comes back with the 3rd single off his forthcoming EP

Sea Glass builds melodies that never disappoint. He soothes senses no matter if it’s a ballad or an upbeat piece bringing freshness and nostalgia to the table. Inspired to release music after the birth of his first child, Sea Glass’s music taps into universal emotions around growing up and dreaming.

‘Razor Bones’ is the 3rd single off of Sea Glass’ forthcoming ‘Elevator Chat’ EP. Taking a darker and more inward look into the music, Sea Glass has brought us deeply emotional song featuring the jarringly beautiful vocals of Misty Boyce. Of the track, he writes:

It was the first idea I shared with people on social media when it was just a simple synth idea and Sea Glass was not yet a thing. I loved the way the music invoked such nostalgia and longing and the reaction from others pushed me to keep going. Misty’s addition provided depth in the lightest and most elegant way. The theme of longing was made three dimensional with Misty’s stream of consciousness weaved throughout. The song’s structure moved in a new and interesting way we dubbed ‘journey core’ as we abandoned the traditional verse-bridge-chorus structure. The final product feels intimate and intense like the story Misty tells along the way.