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Rowlette’s ode to the beauty in everyday moments

Rowlette’s first release of 2023, ‘Dreamer’, is a heartfelt folk-pop track that captures the beauty in everyday moments. Set in an unexpected and intimate setting – a discount store – the song carries a message of believing in yourself and the courage to dream. Through ‘Dreamer’, Rowlette gives us a glimpse into the beauty that surrounds us, and reminds us to take the time to appreciate it. “Dreamer” is an ode to the beauty in everyday moments.

I love this song because of its simplicity. I wrote it about a day a friend of mine came to visit me in my hometown. It was a wintery Sunday evening during the pandemic and there was really nowhere to go. We ended up going to Mr. Price and having a great time – it’s one of those places you always find things you didn’t know you needed! I got a lovely journal to write down what I wanted for the year, and I assumed he would think I was a bit silly, but instead he was just really supportive.