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Republic of Kadebostany & it’s new folk anthem

Kadebostany returns with the flamboyant “Another Sunrise”! On this new single, architect of future pop Guillaume de Kadebostany delivers edgy hybrid productions, surrounded by the singular vocals of Paris-based Fang The Great, and anthemic Ukrainian chants. A cultural smash turned into a twisted pop anthem, evoking a sense of grandeur, hope and freedom.

“Another Sunrise” was premiered in June 2022 at the iconic Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, in front of a 20’000 crowd. An epic performance which caught a lot of attention; various live extracts cumulate several million views on social networks in less than a month.


Under the flag of the conceptual Republic of Kadebostany, Kadebostany rapidly captured attention far and wide with its singular brand of pop music, unique visual identity, and colossal live performances. Kadebostany draws a modern vision of pop music, best described by its leaders as “sophisticated music with mass appeal”.