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Pynch started life as a set of demos written and recorded by Spencer Enock in his parent’s basement in Ramsgate. Praised by BBC Radio DJ Abbie McCarthy for their ‘super cool lo-fi vibe’, his demos were played on both BBC Introducing and Radio 6.

Today a 4-piece Dream-pop live and recording act releases their next single ‘Karaoke’. Melancholic melodies, raw vocals, and honest lyricism is what Pynch serves with their latest song.

It’s a song about love, communication, and a trip to California. I guess it’s about how two people navigate a relationship and how it can sometimes feel like you’re not speaking the same language even though you’re completely in love.



I recorded a lot of it at home and then we did an awesome session with Gordon Raphael over Easter where we recorded a few things like drums and acoustic guitar which we combined with my original recordings. I wanted it to sound really intimate but massive at the same time and I think the recording process reflects that in quite a cool way.


I had a lot of fun making the video as well which is sort of a cross between the end scene of Napolean Dynamite, Microsoft Word, and the Krusty Comeback Special. I tried to echo the song’s production in how I edited the video.