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Punk’s not dead!

We will not lie to you. We love garage music. All types included. Punk rock, indie, garage rock. The more alternative and independent the better. So we are delighted that we can host on this d i g i t a l  scene 3 amazing bands. Meet Freaks of the Sea, The Moonjacks and The Coffins. Hell yeah that’s a good line up. 

FREAKS OF THE SEA – Submarine Captain

Freaks of the Sea are swimming among the waves of  Psychedelic Freak, Folk Gothic, Alternative Rock to finaly got to the shore on the Dark Wave. 

The new single “Submarine Captain” was built on the bones of folk; a man, a guitar, and an underwater western story combined with the moody angst of 90’s alternative rock and modernized by a sampled beat and 909 snare. The story is told by a man who has been bludgeoned repeatedly by the world and by his ex. Feeling trapped by the over-stimuli of the media and his personal life, he finds himself in a state of Stockhold syndrom-esque apathy held captive by the Submarine Captain.


The Moonjacks are on the wave as well. Their cruise takes us to the land where only good vibes are allowed. The Moonjacks describe their second single “Cruisin’ “:

“This is a fun summer song about drinking beer and going to the beach with your buddies and some pretty girls. good vibes all around.” 

Sometimes simple is the best. 


With this song we change course 180 degrees. The Coffins from Australia, bring raw, unbridled sass to their version of pop, post punk music. Bassist Kaylah, Guitarist Max & Drummer Matt brought together their mix of far flung influences in early 2020 to create a 3 piece band that packs a punch. Soft, sexy and raw. Deep, full-bodied and yellow. The Coffins will have you thrashing about in a fit of ecstasy one moment and clinging tenderly to your lover the next.

Hanna Kantor

Hanna Kantor

Founder of OpenCall Magazine. Fashion and commercial photographer. A graduate of Journalism and Photography at the University of Warsaw and Universita degli Studi di Milano. Sleeps long, works even longer.