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Psychodelic inner circle

Welcome to the inner circle. Let the psychodelic rock hypnotise you with an Atlanta-based indie rock band Inner Circle Club. 

What spaghetti western movies, 1960’s garage rock, Jack White and vampires have common? This crazy mix has influenced greatly lifelong friends and musicians – Nick Magliochetti and TJ Nickerson. This duo known as Inner Circle Club combines unusual and uncannily catchy lyricism with a shared passion for the dark, weird, fun underground world of rock ’n roll.  Inner Circle Club convinced us with their 2 newest releases:  Jetpack Dracula and Doomed.

Now we feel like members of the Inner Circle Club and you know… the first rule of the club is… you don’t talk about the club 🙂 With this club it’s much better to listen so we leave you with this beautifully crafted indie rock instrumentation, fuzzy guitars and booming drum groove..