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Planet CeCe officially announces summer season with her new single ‘been some time’

Planet CeCe kicks off the summer season with house-pop banger, ‘been some time’! Featuring bright piano stabs, a punchy 4-floor kick and dreamy vocals, the track allows CeCe to explore feelings of sadness in a dance context. It’s catchy, it’s relatable, it’s vibey!

In the track, she opens up about a time when she was stuck in a rut, struggling to move on from a breakup and longing to move on. After playing the original acoustic demo to her producer, Alex, they decided to develop the song in a dance-pop direction, allowing the feelings of sadness to sit on top of energetic drums and groovy piano. While producing, CeCe realised that the demo vocals, though recorded much more slowly, carried more emotion and sat better on the track. They sped them up and are on the finished product. This is the third single produced by her older brother Alex, following her debut releases ‘flakers’ and ‘calling u out’, which picked up support from NOTION and BBC Introducing.