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Phil Simmonds introducing his new project ‘Navah Sea’

Navah Sea, a new project by British Songwriter and producer Phil Simmonds was born in 2019, combining art and music to create a different listening experience in a fast consuming culture. Phil has been working on his self-titled album ‘Navah Sea’ for the last two years bringing to life songs based around pieces of Art that have elements of abstraction and figurative form painted by Phil. 

He sonically creates obscure elements in his records with a feeling of nostalgia and familiarity. You can Watch Phil creating one of his pieces in a video for ‘Cool, the rules anyways’


‘Line between then’ his latest single is a soothing piece bringing a sense of comfort. It’s a perfect track to listen to on a slow day with a blanket and a cup of tea. Phil beautifully stops the time with his art, delivering a unique experience that resonates with peacefulness. 

‘Line Between Then’ was something I felt the need to write when the world felt polarised and all the lines felt blurred. Written cause I needed to disappear and lay low.