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Phil Danyew – a touring member of Foster The People left to pursue his own music

The retro-inspired indie-rock project from Los Angeles – Elephant Castle shares a new single ‘Quicksand’ bringing real Tame Impala vibes to the plate.  So who is hiding behind Elephant Castle? Phil Danyew – a touring member of the band Foster The People that left at the beginning of 2020 to pursue his own music. Danyew is a singer and multi-instrumentalist raised in San Diego, CA who has been writing and recording music since age 12 after stealing his father’s tape recorder. Growing up listening to 50s and 60s oldies, Elephant Castle is a response to these early influences combined with a love for vintage synths, layered vocals, the dreamy sounds of tape saturation, and analogue gear.

His first single ‘Cool To Be Unhappy’ was called a “roll-around-in-your-underwear-while-the-sun-seeps-through-the-window song.” by Rolling Stone. Since then Elephant Castle released 9 more singles including ‘Quicksand’, his first 2022 release.

Listen to ‘Quicksand’ now