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Overnight about feeling ignored after a break up

If you’ve been looking for authencity in music we just found it for you. Overnight is a jangly and dreamy indie rock band based in southern Massachusetts. Coming together through mutual friendships in their local music scene, they base their sound over a common appreciation for dreamy indie rock, midwestern emo, and 90s shoegaze. Overnight brings a lot fo freshness that made us like them instantly. Very raw sound mixed with comforting female vocals and catchy guitar riffs. 

They just released their their debut EP, ‘Blush’ and ‘If You Feel Ignored’ is the track that definitely stands out and shows Overnight’s potential. 

Vocalist and lyricist Cici Monarch says about the song: 

After you’re done being caught up in the emotions of something, you realize how unjust the situation was. Sometimes you look back on something and just feel grateful it ended when it did. Even if a person is a really great human being, you can still get mistreated by them, and the lyrics of this song are just me reflecting on that.