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Listen to our September playlist!

September has been really good to us, letting us enjoy the summer a bit longer than usual. Although we’re slowly getting ready for chilly evenings with a cup of tea and a cosy blanket. These songs will perfectly fit into these circumstances:

‘It’s Amazing’ is the sophomore release by Luther Clayton that narrates the story of two lovers who grow apart due to different religions. Luther is a 21-year-old artist from Cornwall, and has made all the music and music videos himself with a small group of friends. ‘It’s Amazing’ is taken of his debut EP ‘Paintings of a Headless Boy’ out in November. 

Canada-based dark wave band MINDREADER have released their debut single ‘The Kill’ . It is a very strong debut, drawing attention with hypnotising vocals and repetitive percussion patterns that put the listener in a trans state. 

RuBe’s emotional single ‘Because of You’ taken of her EP – ‘His Trilogy’ talks about the artist’s little brother who has Down’s Syndrome. 

The album is about shifting perspectives about the condition and helping to raise awareness. ‘Because of you’ highlights my emotions and is about my brother being non verbal and my promise to always speak for him and communicate to the world. My message is although he has a disability our families greatest pain of all is never being able to hear his voice.

‘i could do it too’ by Britta Raci navigates the rollercoaster of heartbreak post-cheating, playfully pondering the age-old question everyone asks when faced with unfaithfulness: What did the other person have that I don’t?