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OpenCall Discovers: NEIL FRANCES


“Falling For You” brings a breeze of fresh air

It’s winter we know but listening to “Falling For You” we can’t help ourselves but feeling the summertime coming. The song makes us imagine wild rooftop party, something we all miss so badly. What’s more this track is so well produced that soothes the senses with its warm tones and can give you a real eargasm.

Marc Gilfry and Jordan Feller, the duo behind Neil Frances began writing pop music for female vocalists in early 2016, before quickly realizing a preference for the raw, original versions of their demos and set out to record an album. The following months brought an encouraging buzz and bootlegged radio plays from KCRW and others.

“About 3 weeks before the first major Covid outbreak, we were djing at a venue in Downtown LA when I heard the DJ after us play a certain 80’s record that caught my attention. There was a section in the song that I’d heard sampled in a house track that I loved, and it was a bit of a ‘aha' moment. Inspiration hit. I went to our studio the next day and wrote the track. Marc heard the track and instantly put the vocal melody down.” They add, “Lyrically, this track is about sleepless nights lying awake thinking about that special someone. It’s about falling so hard for someone that you find yourself stunned and stupefied simply by the way they move.” 

Five days ago Neil Frances announced their upcoming EP ‘Stay Strong Play Long’ coming out on March 12th. We can’t wait to hear more!

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