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OpenCall Discovers Music: SOFI GEV | JUNO ROOME

This week OpenCall Magazine discovers two uber-talented upcoming artists: Sofi Gev and Juno Roome and their latest singles. Dive with us into their hypnotizing music.

Sofi Gev bravely confronts life with her new single

You’re the Star


“You’re the Star” is the latest single by Sofi Gev – the solo project of American singer-songwriter Hannah Lovelady. Her music layers introspective, offbeat lyrics and delicate vocals over a dreamy blend of indie pop, electronica, and indie folk.

“You’re the Star” tells a love story but not the one with a happy ending we all dream about. “There’s a crack in my heart” with these words Hannah puts us in the middle of two people in a toxic relationship that is hard to get out of. 

We really love the combination of profound, emotional lyricism and chilled, dreamy beat making us feel warm and safe. It’s almost like a lullaby with words taken from a drama movie. 


Magical Capitol 


Juno Roome

Juno Roome is a Brooklyn based lofi pop-bedroom artist. Saying bedroom he literally writes and produces everything in his bedroom. 

I live in a 8’x10′ room in Brooklyn where I record, that houses all of my musical instruments/equipment as well as my mini-fridge and other basic housing materials and had been vaguely supporting myself through forcing strangers to listen to me sing in the NYC subway. Currently braving through the pandemic like the rest of us! – Artist shares with us

Juno has an incredibly soft and powerful voice. “Capitol” is magical, dreamy and it flows smoothly till the very end. It’s one of these songs that you first listen to and then you start thinking about the message. If we didn’t ask we would never guess what’s behind the lyrics. 

“Capitol” is inspired by the Forever Chemicals Scandal / BLM movement, the unfettered late-stage capitalism of the US and its influence over our policymakers, and how that affects our lives.” – tells Juno

We fell in love with Juno Roome. For real. He’s the whole package and we can’t wait for more.