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OpenCall Discovers Music: SLUGS


 “Super Sane”, a new single by SLUGS, hits our hearts so hard. 

It’s been a weird year for everyone. SLUGS, four-piece Los Angeles alt-rock group summed up 2020 on fleek. Even though the song has been written a few years back and it’s not a reference to what has happened this year, December 2020 seems to be the perfect time for “Super Sane” to be released. 

So, what’s the true story behind the song?

“One was Born, and one died” Marissa Longstreet honestly explains the meaning with this one verse. 

“A friend of ours died in a motorcycle accident on St Patrick’s day. Another friend of mine had just had a baby. At the time, I was celebrating the birth of a new life and mourning the loss of someone who didn’t feel gone yet. I wrote this while processing that conflict—trying to convince myself and others “I feel fine” while unravelling”.

‘Super Sane’ definitely makes us stop and reflect on life. People come and go and it’s something we have no control over…