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OpenCall Discovers Music: QWIET TYPE


”Colors in My Dreams” 


Qwiet Type 

Qwiet Type (Matt Powell) is a solo artist, songwriter and co-producer of his own music. His songs display a fusion of indie, alternative, pop, funk, electro-pop and new wave. For us, Qwiet Type is a very unique discovery.


His latest single “Colors in My Dreams” is a catchy electro-pop track that reminds us of nothing and no one. How amazing it is to hear something we can’t compare to other artists, and we were trying really hard to find a comparison. We love the 80’s drums, strong male vocals and general boldness in this track. We would love to see Qwiet Type playing the biggest festivals soon. 

“I love music from all genres and decades. The music from my past and the music I love today seems to be coming out of me in such a blended way that I can’t explain. I am not copying anyone, I am just releasing the music that’s in my head on to my recordings the best I can” – Qwiet Type