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OpenCall Discovers Music: MR. GNOME


Light and dark. Death and birth. Beauty and chaos. Meet Cleveland art rock duo Mr. Gnome.

Midnight Sun comes form the double LP The Day You Flew Away released in October 2020 on El Marko Records

Probably it’s a track you will never get tired of and it’s gonna be our 2021 anthem. Dark, electrifying, smoothly flowing. Mysteriously encouraging us to just let go in life. 

‘Midnight Sun was made for joint smoking and baby making…or dancing with glow sticks in your JNCO Jeans.’ – Mr. Gnome shares. 

It definitely makes us feel something. Something intense. 

Mr. Gnome is a discovery for us but not for their devoted fans. The Cleveland duohave been crafting a distinct brand of hypnotic, gritty, astral rock’n’roll since 2005. During this time, the perpetually touring duo have built a cult following around North America and Europe thanks in part to their intense, cathartic live performances. We’re joining the cult as well. 

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