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OpenCall Discovers Music: JANE


Let’s slow down a bit with Jane and her new breathtaking release ‘TREES’.



Following on from the success of her previously shared singles ‘MANCHILD’ and ‘BROKEN SYSTEMS’ from recent months, which have seen the artist gather huge momentum on Spotify and beyond, New Yorker Jane now returns with her new release ‘TREES’.



Jane is the solo project of NYC-based singer-songwriter and producer Jane Watson. The project was born in 2019 from Watson’s desire to compose groovy pop with two goals in mind. One was to get people dancing and the second one to create rich sonic worlds under lyrics that make you think. 



“I think a lot about the ways in which we need to listen to nature for guidance more, to protect it more. The image came to me of a tree growing through the pavement in the middle of New York City. The message of the song is basically: slow down, tune back in to what matters, don’t hurt yourself and others by over-doing it, live with gratitude for what we already have.”


As she continues to shake up the political pop scene, Watson wants to know—are you ready to change the world? More importantly, have you been kind to yourself and to others today?

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