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OpenCall Discovers Music: CARLY OPACIC


Carly Opacic

a girl obsessed with the Moon


Carly Opacic is a singer-songwriter based in Nashville where she moved to 6 years ago from Orange County, California to pursue her music dreams. She released her first EP in 2016 and now she’s back with her 2 part album ‘Luna’ and a clear idea of what music she wants to create. The album is produced by Brandon Mingo. As Carly admits he puts the world behind every song. 

“Luna” is an introduction to the first part of an album and it explains the break up while it’s happening. 

It is a story about a relationship that eventually progresses to a breakup. I was influenced by a poem about a break up that explained it with space and then another quote about how the sun sees your body, but the moon sees your soul. I resonated with this and have always been obsessed with the moon so it just clicked perfectly. – Carly shares

What we love about the song are pure honesty and Carly’s crispy vocals. You can rarely hear vocal imperfections in music nowadays, and we think that this is what makes music alive and it shows off expressivity and emotion. 

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