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OpenCall Discovers Music: CAL MARO

Dreamy ‘Juliet’ by Cal Maro


‘Juliet’ is a perfect track for winter evenings with a blanket and a cup of tea. It makes you feel safe and warm. This dreamy piece has been written by Brooklyn-bred creator Cal Maro. Artist layers soulful melodies over head-nodding grooves, mixing live and electronic production into his compositions.

Cal Maro  grew up on music, surrounded by the classics – ranging from Michael Jackson to Fleetwood Mac. Growing up with a father who played in bands, Cal saw firsthand the importance and impact of live music and got his hands on instruments at a young age. Cal has spent the past few years performing around New York, working on new material, and collaborating as a writer, producer, and engineer on projects for other artists. 

"I revisited my latest single, approaching it intentionally in a more stripped, vulnerable way. No studio - just me, in my bedroom, during quarantine. Filmed and directed by Joshua Thomas, the video captures that voice. It is that isolation, that cyclicality of routine. The alternating waves of inspiration and boredom, production and destruction, lust and apathy, the heat and the cold. Time has seemingly stopped, and the numbness creeps in, but the fire stays hot.”

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