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OpenCall Discovers Music: BAD CHILD

BAD CHILD announces new album “Free Trial” with his single 



23 years old Canadian singer, writer and producer known as BAD CHILD shares the first single from his upcoming album “Free Trial” – $1,000,000. Bad Child had a very specific idea for his new single. He wanted it to have a sound and feel of “a corner store lottery.” The track was mixed by Spike Stent (Grimes, Depeche Mode, Madonna). 

 “When I was a child I would go with my grandmother and pick-up scratch tickets and she would always say we would win big. The song is about love conquering everything – everything pales in comparison.”

BAD CHILD’s brings freshness to the music scene with his extraordinary vocals and unique lyricism. What we find very interesting is his childhood that definitely influenced his songwriting and creativeness. 

“Free Trial”, 4 years in the making caused some doubts and confusion in Bad Child’s head.

" I’m not quite sure how I feel. I have spent the last four years of my life dying for this to happen. I needed to make this album. I wrote a lot of it with my best friends and made so many memories with them.” - Bad Child shares on Instagram.

"Coming from such a broad and multi-cultural background I never knew where I belonged. Growing up eating north African food, listening to French music, hearing many different languages and ways of thinking. I always felt connected to each of them. When asked what I am I always have a difficult time emotionally and intellectually. I was blessed to have been exposed to so many different walks of life so young, but it also led to me never really fitting into a peg."