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OpenCall Discovers Music: BABY FUZZ

Magical Baby FuzZ invites us into his madness


Indie-rock enigma Baby FuzZ is back again with his sophomore album Welcome To The Future (Season 1). It’s the first installment of a forthcoming double album and is the musical equivalent of an animated nuclear meltdown at Sea World.

I’m trying my Freaking Best is a rollercoaster of feelings and emotions. It’s an anthem for actual grown-ups. You don’t know how to deal with your life, everything seems to be fucked up but you just have to keep going so you’re freaking trying your best. 

This musical composition resembles Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s very unique and crazy in its own good way. We love creative and unique artists. The ones you won’t be able to forget. Baby FuzZ won’t be forgotten for sure.