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OpenCall Creatives

We are professional creatives with years of experience in producing and delivering high quality content to commercial clients. United as an OpenCall Creatives we organise and produce complex campaigns starting from the concept, through models casting, location scouting, photography&video to post production.

What we do? 

  • video
  • photography 

We specialise in commercial and e-commerce photography: product & still life, fashion campaign & lookbooks.

  • photoshoot producing

In our portfolio we have successful productions on Vulcano Etna, London, Sicily, Milan and Poland. We are based in London although we deliver images and videos worldwide. 

  • model casting 
  • location scouting

Original and exotic locations are our specialty. Finding good location for a production is a key, and we know where to find it. 

  • music producing 
  • creative concept

Music video for Joulie Fox

Promo video for The Camden Watch Company

Kasia Jewelry campaign in Paris

Photography   ◘   Model casting  ◘   Producing   ◘ Retouching

Music video for Chile

Etna Vulcano production for
Universe of Strange

Photography   ◘  Logistics & Accomodation   ◘   Location scouting  ◘   Producing   ◘   Retouching

Music Video for Joulie Fox

Palermo production for
Rogowskie Design

Photography   ◘  Logistics   ◘   Location scouting  ◘   Producing   ◘   Retouching   ◘  Casting

The Camden x KPP video

Sicilian production for
Rogowskie Design

Photography   ◘  Logistics   ◘   Location scouting  ◘   Producing   ◘   Retouching   ◘  Casting

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